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Race teams excited to start at Cain’s Quest fan night

Team Bernice: Gregory Rich and Clarence Nui.
Team Bernice: Gregory Rich and Clarence Nui. - Gary Shaw

Here we go! Wednesday night, February 28th at the Labrador City Arena was Cain’s Quest Fan Night. This event was the moment that the reality of all of the planning by organizers, the race teams, support teams, families and fans finally came together to collectively hit the start button for the 2018 version of Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race.

The event was nothing short of electric, the buzz of anticipation was undeniable. The arena was filled with the sleds of 41 teams all polished, custom detailing that was limited only to the team member’s imaginations, and the riders all standing with pride and anticipation of what lies ahead over the next week or more.

There was a steady hum of multiple conversations between the riders and all of the folks gathered to see the beginning of this true world class event. This was certainly an event with our residents meeting and sharing the hype with folks gathered in our community from literally all over the world. The arena was blocked solid, if anyone from anywhere had any doubts about the momentum and popularity of this pan Labrador event, it was quickly dismissed when you tried to find parking space (a well-executed effort by the team responsible for getting so many folks in and out).

The Aurora spoke with the Southern Snow Rider Team Maine, Dixon Clemens and Scott Biddle

They were clearly prepared and ready to go. We spoke about weather, challenges and the safety aspect of the race. When asked to sum up their thoughts looking forward, with big grins they said, “enough of the show, it’s time to go.”

Speaking with Team Bernice from Natuashish, Gregory Rich and Clarence Nui, it was clear that these guys were seasoned veterans of the Big Land and its many challenging elements.  They were excited for the start and eager to hit the snow.

 “We are always excited to ride, we are like everyone else, we are in it to win it,” they said.

Sami Paivike and Arto Jauhiainen came all the way from Finland to participate in Cain’s Quest. This is without any doubt a huge logistical undertaking for Team Wild Nordic Finland. A point to note here is the spirit of cooperation in the big picture of this event. Local guys, Steve Kendall, Scott Coombs and Derick Watkins jumped in to volunteer as a support team to facilitate efforts for this team to race. When asked them for a parting comment, once again with big grins they said, “We live only once “.

The organizing committees, the support teams, the checkpoint folks and all of the unsung people behind the scenes should all celebrate and be celebrated. Their many efforts to bring us to the start of this incredible event was clearly and loudly evident by the success of Fan Night 2018.

With a total of 41 teams on the snow with the potential of 3200 hundred km. on each of 82 machines, and each rider there is little doubt that “Challenge the Legend” is the right quote. Thinking about the addition of the travel of the support teams and the checkpoint officials, the moving parts and the kms. to be covered is mind boggling.

To everyone involved no matter what the role, have safety first on your mind every step of the way. At the end of this event, the real stories of endurance, cooperation and fair play will be told. There will ultimately be only one winning Team. Make no mistake though, there will not be 40 losing Teams. Every Team that hits the throttle on March 2nd are winners by virtue of the fact they had enough fortitude to “Challenge the Legend “.

Be safe and good luck to all!

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