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E.J. Broomfield Arena getting new floor

HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY - The E.J. Broomfield Arena will soon be getting a new floor.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay council held a special meeting on Feb. 16 to award the tender for the project, which will come in at just over $200,000. The floor is expected to be completed by April 15.

Jackie Compton Hobbs, chairwoman of the recreation committee, told the Labradorian she’s excited to get the project going, since it’s been sorely needed for some time.

The E.J. Broomfield Arena
The E.J. Broomfield Arena

“For the past few years we’ve been lobbying to get a new floor in there. We know there are safety concerns and we know that minor soccer has been really pushing for a new floor. The last council we brought it forward but didn’t have the money to do it at the time.”

The total cost of the floor is cost shared under the multi-year capital works program and the town’s share was to be $73,859.28 but donations from minor soccer and the Shriners brought that number way down. Minor soccer donated $25,000 and the Shriners donated $5,000, bringing the towns share down to $43,859.28.

The old floor was plywood and Compton Hobbs said they had issues with nails sticking up and the boards separating. She said during the Lab Cup there was a turf floor on display and council members went to check it out.

“It was very nice, modern and apparently the material is superior. I think it’s big for the community, for soccer players for sure. We all know there’s a safety concern for sure with the floor that’s there now, with the boards. So I think it’s good for the community, good for anyone who uses the arena.”

Turf is supposed to be better for the players, both in terms of safety and play. Compton Hobbs said she’s done some research on it and saw in other municipalities they have different structures set up on the turf floor.

“The rec program can use it for different activities and games now, which is definitely going to open it up for other groups and organizations in the community. We just have to see now what the interest is in that.”

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