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NICHOLAS MERCER: Corner Brook native releasing new single

Photo by Leanne Murray
Corner Brook's Yvette Coleman (left) and Steady Brook's Jon Pike have collaborated on a new song called Fortune. It will be released today.
Photo by Leanne Murray Corner Brook's Yvette Coleman (left) and Steady Brook's Jon Pike have collaborated on a new song called Fortune. It will be released today. - Submitted

It was not a typical Thursday for Yvette Coleman.

The 25-year-old Corner Brook native was busy making posts across her various social media platforms and making sure everyone was getting the latest news of her musical exploits.

The preparation was for good reason. It was the eve of releasing a new single into the world.

This one is a collaboration with Jon Pike of Brdgs called Fortune and there was plenty of promotion to do.

It’s an anxious time whenever an artist releases a new piece.

While not the same, it is similar to seeing your work in the paper. There is a certain level of anxiety that comes with putting your work out for the public to see and judge.

I’ve felt it many times when waiting for the next edition of the paper come out be it in Carbonear or Corner Brook. Its especially true for a column where people you don’t know gain an insight into your psyche that is normally reserved for close friends and family.

Getting back to the piece of art and releasing the new work.

There’s worry about it being well-received and liked, along with a sliver of self-doubt if it isn’t successful.

“I’m more excited than nervous,” Coleman said. “It’s nice to put thing into the world. It’s a good feeling. I’m blessed to be working with my best friend."

Still there was no rest of the wicked, as they say, as Coleman was booked for another writing session later in the day.

Produced by Halifax-based Corey LaRue, a member of Neon Dreams, Coleman walked into a writing session for Saint Yves with the name Fortune in her mind.

Immediately, she and Pike started penning the song.

It was a quick writing session, she said.

“It flowed out of us. It had a unique story. “We were immediately on the same page.”

The song is a study of the rock 'n’roll dream. It centres on a young couple who has achieved everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

At the end of their journey, they realize they lived their best life only to leave what really matters in the world.

At one point, the protagonist in the song laments that her life has regrets and she failed to confess that earlier.

Coleman recognizes the song doesn’t parallel her music career so far, but it does encompass a bit of what people might associate with being an artist when they strike it big.

If all they’re chasing is the platinum albums, sold-out shows and world tours, they can lose themselves in the lifestyle.

Family, friends and what really matters can get lost along the journey.

Coleman and Pike have been working on the song for the better part of a year. It’s gone through various stages to reach this point. The pair have cut vocal tracks “a million times” before getting to a place where they were comfortable with the song.

Sonically, Fortune has the vibe of a Neon Dreams tune in its upbeat feel and catchiness.

The song sees Coleman showcasing a different part of her game. A classically trained vocalist, she spends the three-plus minutes skipping through the lyrics as her voice cascades over an electronic beat.

Meanwhile, Pike’s vocals can be heard beneath hers — almost like a ghost. During the hook, each extend themselves and the result is gold.

“We think we’ve done the song justice as it stands now,” said Coleman.

The collaboration is one the pair could not have guessed would happen, even dating back to their time at Corner Brook Regional High when they sang together in choirs.

They’ve known each other since they were 12 years old and competing in the Corner Brook Rotary Music Festival.

They were both students of Gary Graham, but, back then, they were always looking to outdo each other.

“We could never had predicated this,” said Coleman.

Coleman and Pike will be on the west coast this summer as a part of Gros Morne Summer Music. On Aug. 24, they will be performing in Woody Point, while the pair will be at the Arts and Culture Centre in Corner Brook the following day.

Nicholas Mercer is the online editor with The Western Star. He lives in Corner Brook and can be reached at

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