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Letter: We can’t afford Nalcor’s bonuses

You report the executives at Nalcor are getting $766,000 in bonuses? You’ve got to be kidding!

“There is point after which,” as the old saw goes, and for me this is it. I realize that in the boardroom of Nalcor three quarters of a million dollars is chump change when the Muskrat Falls debt is $12 and a half billion. I’m guessing the final amount to each executive might not be much more than enough to buy a bottle of 25-year-old single-malt whisky and a box of cigars, but any amount is too much.

We know the points that will be spun about awarding bonuses: they are deserved for outstanding service and people will quit and go elsewhere if they are not rewarded, and so on. That may be so, but even if it is only how it looks, I say no. No bonuses.

This has got to stop, Nalcor. We can’t take any more.


Bob Oxley
St. John’s

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