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Letter to the editor: More on Muskrat Falls

Stan Marshall is spouting so much “bull crap” in his effort to deflect all the blame for the Muskrat Falls to his predecessors without acknowledging the 100’s of millions he has misspent on “his watch.”

The project is wasting 10’s of millions (of dollars) on each of a multitude of crazy cost-plus contracts that could have been done for half the cost. What about the $10 million spent on crane pads that weren’t even used when they decided to use helicopters to place the towers.

Mr. Marshall can’t hide behind the guise of blaming everything on the other guys. Would the real Stan Marshall please stand up and acknowledge the waste of money that is occurring at the present time. Much of that waste can still be corrected!

No, that’s right, it is much easier to find scapegoats from another time to blame things on. Just use rhetoric and namecalling to hide your own shortcomings.

That doesn’t sound like a mature or effective way to deal with these important matters. Maybe it’s time to start raising the bar for our expectations of someone who will be CEO of Nalcor.

My guess is that Stan Marshall can boondoggle with the best of them!


Greg Osmond

Woody Point 

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