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Kudos to arts festival

I just returned from the 41st annual Labrador Creative Arts Festival and wanted to take the time to say what a wonderful thing it is!


I am originally from North West River so it was a pleasure and an honour to be invited to perform for young people from upper Lake Melville as well as from Churchill Falls and coastal Labrador. Their energy and enthusiasm were infectious and I am having to get used to a slower pace again!

 I am told that the Festival is the oldest children’s festival in the country and it seems to me that all Labradorians should be proud of that. It’s hard to think of a more positive thing that can be done to nurture and develop young minds and create the citizens that will be needed to ensure Labrador’s future.

 With that in mind I would like to express my profound gratitude to all the volunteers who show up year after year with the sole motivation of trying to make the world a better place. These people are already getting ready for next year and with that in mind I would like to urge all my fellow Labradorians to give all the support they can to the Festival. If you are not directly involved then consider attending as many events as you can. Wouldn’t it be great if the kids could go home knowing they had performed in front of a full house?

We are fed a steady diet of bad news these days and it can all get a bit discouraging at times. But if you need cheering up then look no further than the Labrador Creative Arts Festival. It is a definite plus in society’s ledger book.


David Paddon

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