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Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay looking at possible RV park

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With the widening and paving of sections of the Trans Labrador Highway over the last few years the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is getting more and more calls about recreational vehicle (RV) facilities.

Currently, none exist in the town so town council and the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce are putting forward a request for proposals (RFP) to see if it would be viable.

Jackie Compton Hobbs, town councillor and head of the recreation committee, said it’s been an issue she’s been advocating for years and is glad to see it moving forward.

“There’s lots of discussion in the community about it, tourists are coming here, a lot travelling by RV these days and there’s nowhere to park,” she said. “We’re getting lots of inquiries from RV people that are coming through the community, be it for parking, camping, electricity, dumping stations. Right now there’s nothing. There’s definitely a need for this service in this area.”

She said there’s been a significant increase in requests over the last few years and not just from tourists. Locals who own RVs would also like to see services available and somewhere for them to go.

“The tourists are one aspect but there was lots of locals who own RVs too,” she said. “I own one myself. You’re limited in where you can go in your RV. We don’t have any services here for electricity or water.”

The RFP is to determine the feasibility of the development of an RV park within the municipality. Compton Hobbs said it will identify issues and barriers for the potential business, covering such areas as existing capacity, potential growth scenarios of the community, location, size, and cost.

“There’s lots of information that will come out of the RFP. It will gauge in the community and central Labrador what the interest is, including Mud Lake, North West River and Sheshatshiu.”

The RFP is being done in partnership with the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce. Compton Hoobs said the chamber tells them they’re fielding some of the same types of calls.

“Tourists coming through in the summer are wondering if there’s anywhere for an RV to park, where can they hook up, is there an RV park,” she said. “They get a lot of calls so they partnered up to do this feasibility study with them.”

They will be looking to other municipalities to see how they operate to determine the most viable options, she said, surrounding financing, management cost, management style and so on.

The RFP closes on April 27 and can be viewed on the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s website.

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