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Search underway for missing man near Parsons Pond

The RCMP in Rocky Hr. received a report of an overturned boat near the community of Parson's Pond yesterday evening. Four men were flown by float plane into Goosney's Pond on the Northern Peninsula that morning by area outfitters. They arrived at their destination early in the am. Their destination was an isolated moose hunting camp.

According to the RCMP, the men departed by a 12 foot boat across Goosney's Pond in the late afternoon around 3:30 pm. They were met with trouble near the middle of the pond. The boat took in water and overturned.

Three men wearing life jackets were able to either hold on to the boat or swim safely. The fourth man not wearing a PFD was lost and presumed drowned.  The men were in the water for nearly four hours before they were able to reach safety. They used a satellite phone to contact assistance.


The investigation is attempting to determine what part, if any, alcohol consumption played in this matter.

JRCC were notified of the investigation. Outfitting company staff and Bonne Bay GSAR are assisting in the search. Searchers are being mobilized this morning in an attempt to find the missing man.

Helicopter assistance is also being used. The RCMP Underwater recovery Team is being mobilized if needed.

The RCMP says more details may be available later today.

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