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Government denies Nunatsiavut appeal of Nalcor’s HHRAP for Muskrat Falls

The appeal launched by the Nunatsiavut government on the Nalcor Human Health Risk Assessment Plan (HHRAP) has been denied.

The construction site of the hydroelectric facility at Muskrat Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador is seen on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.


The appeal was based on four criteria, including that the decision to approve the plan fails to act on the new scientific information which shows that the project will have significant impacts on methylmercury concentrations in the Lake Melville and that the project will impair or damage the Lake Melville environment and have adverse effects on Inuit, including Inuit health and culture.


The response from Minister Trimper said that it was recognized throughout the process that the project has potential to create significant environmental impacts, including methylmercury. It states this is why the project is subject to many conditions. He also says in the appeal that the research performed by an independent third body, Harvard University, was considered in the decision. Trimper said the HHRAP is intended to guide the measurement of exposure to any chemical or contaminant that could impact the human population downstream from the project and is not dependant on the on the level or change in conditions that would happen from flooding the reservoir.


TC Media has contacted both the Minister and the Nunatsiavut government and will update the story as more information becomes available.

The full response to the appeal is available online at:


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