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Polar bear spotted in St. Anthony

Mark Penney's photos of the polar bear in Great Brehat.
A polar bear sighting was reported in St. Anthony on Sunday, April 22. Mark Penney took this photo of a polar bear in Great Brehat last month. - Mark Penney

Last sighting early Monday morning

ST. ANTHONY, NL. – A polar bear was reported in St. Anthony on Sunday, April 22.

Around 8:30 p.m., St. Anthony RCMP received a report of a polar bear sighting at Starigan Hill Road, near the St. Anthony hospital.

Cst. Nicholas Roy said the wildlife officer was contacted and they monitored the movement of the bear.

Roy says the last reported sighting of the polar bear came around 2 a.m. Monday morning, heading from Fishing Point towards Penny Place.

A video of the bear at that hour was posted to Facebook, showing it running along the street.

There have been no subsequent sightings.

The visit comes after a number of reported sightings on the Great Northern Peninsula in March.

This was the first report in a few weeks, however.

If a person encounters a bear, Roy advises the public not to approach it and to ensure they have an escape route.

He also advises people not to walk alone and to always keep their pets tethered to a leash.

If someone spots a polar bear, they’re advised to contact the local District Forestry and Wildlife in St. Anthony at 709-454-8435 or 709-457-7243 after regular office hours.

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