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United Way looking for applicants for funding in Labrador

United Way Newfoundland and Labrador executive Director Tammy Davis is in Happy Valley-Goose Bay this week looking for organizations to give money to.

United Way is looking for applicants for its Community Fund Grants program for programs and services to take place in 2018 and Davis said they are hoping to get more applications from Labrador.

Davis said since they started donating directly into Labrador, which was in 2013, they’ve directly invested over $170,000 and another have invested another $600,000 in programs and services that are running here. They fund programs such as Junior Achievement, and programs for diabetes and heart and stroke associations, for example.

United Way Newfoundland and Labrador Executive Director Tammy Davis
United Way Newfoundland and Labrador Executive Director Tammy Davis

“We would like to see that other number go up,” Davis said.  “We do have companies that run campaigns here but since people don’t see our presence they don’t think of us when they see these applications come out.”

Davis said they hope that will change with the addition of a board member in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Geoff Goodyear. Well-known in the area, Goodyear is a well-known businessman, pilot and photographer.

Some of the funding they dispersed here last year included $8,000 for staff training at Libra House, almost $8,000 to the Hopedale Inuit community Government for community centre computer enhancement and they gave just over $5,000 to the Kidney Foundation for See KD – A Targeted Screening Program.

Throughout the province 48 charities province-wide received grants totaling over $400,000 in distributed funds.

“What we want to do is give organizations money and they can use that to approve a program or prove results of a program and that will be able to get more funding from whatever sources, to help them build sustainability,” Davis said.

She said the main criteria for application is that the organization be a registered charity or what CRA calls a Qualified Donee, which can be things like athletic associations and municipalities.

To qualify, programs and services must fit within one of United Way of Newfoundland and Labrador’s three main focus areas, which are ‘From poverty to possibility,’ ‘Strong Communities,’ and ‘All that Kids can be.’ They cover a wide range of objectives such as moving people out of poverty; supporting resident and community engagement; and helping kids do well at school and complete high school.

Davis said in a broader sense they mostly provide funding for vulnerable populations, such as seniors, people with disabilities, children, and women.

The application is online this year for the first time.

“We’ve simplified it, it terms of trying to help organizations that maybe don’t have professional fundraisers or grant writers on staff,” she said. “At the same time, we need to ensure people know what they’re applying for and what the objectives of the program are.”

The application deadline is Monday, March 12 and interested parties can visit for full details.

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