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Happy Valley-Goose Bay man with drunk driving death conviction back in court

Happy Valley-Goose Bay courthouse
Happy Valley-Goose Bay courthouse - Evan Careen

Naythan Cluney facing more impaired driving charges

A local man who was sentenced to two years less a day for his role in a drunk driving death is back in court on drunk driving charges. Naythan Allen Cluney, 28, was arrested by Happy Valley-Goose Bay RCMP on April 7, 2018 for allegedly driving a truck while under the influence of alcohol and was subsequently charged.

Cluney was sentenced to two years less a day jail time for impaired driving causing death in 2013. The incident that lead to his jail sentence happened in July of 2011, when Cluney was driving on the road between Happy Valley-Goose Bay and North West River.

According to court documents the people in the car, including Cluney, had been consuming drugs and alcohol. One of the passengers grabbed the wheel and the car they were in collided with a truck, putting the car into a pond.

Cluney and one of the passengers were able to escape but a 22-year-old man was not able to and died at the scene. Cluney, who was also speeding at the time and under a court order not to consume alcohol, was then charged with impaired driving causing death.

He is scheduled to appear on the new impaired driving charges on Monday, June 11 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay court.

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