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Back to the bargaining table for Lab West steelworkers and IOC

USW local 5795 President Ron Thomas thanks people for their support and then informs people he got a call from the company, looking to meet to get talks going again.
USW local 5795 President Ron Thomas speaking at a rally held in support of the striking workers in Labrador West. Thomas told the Aurora they are going back to the table with IOC on Friday, April 13- Photo by Mike Power

It’s back to the bargaining table for the Steelworkers and the Iron ore company of Canada.

The president of local 5795 Ron Thomas told the Aurora meetings are scheduled to take place Friday, April 13.

“We are happy to get back to the table and hope we can achieve a fair deal for our members,” Thomas told the Aurora.

Approximately 1300 members of local 5795 and 30 members of local 6731 walked off the job in the early hours of March 27. A strike vote scheduled for March 23 was delayed when both sides returned to the bargaining table earlier that week. That effort failed.

One of the big factors in rejecting the contract by local 5795 was a demand for temporary workers from IOC. The union says it is a concession and they won’t allow it to happen.  Temporary workers were not included in the proposed agreement for local 6731, but they rejected their offer as a show of solidarity with 5795.

Meanwhile more than 300 Steelworkers of local 9344 in Sept-Iles, who were scheduled to strike yesterday, have to wait for a ruling from the Canadian Labour relations board, on terms of essential service. Those terms have to be agreed upon by the company and the union before the workers can actually start the strike. It’s expected that could take anywhere from several days to weeks.

The Aurora will keep you update on the latest developments.


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