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Latest offer turned down by Steelworkers in Labrador West

Picket line near IOC’ s main gate.
After a decisive rejection of IOC's latest offer, Steelworkers in Lab West are back on the picket lines. - Photo by Mike Power

Back to the picket lines

The votes are in, the picket lines will stay up. The Steelworkers union rejected the latest offer from IOC with 76.5 per cent of the members.

The temporary workers were removed from the concessions last week in negotiators. But during conversations amongst the workers as they get ready to vote, many felt the new plan for new workers still needed improvements.

“My self and the negotiating committee is 100 per cent behind our membership,” Steelworkers local 5795 president Ron Thomas told the Aurora. “There is just too much uncertainty behind the new hires and not being able to get rid of the drug cap (are) big issues with our members. It is hard to trust a company that has been sticking it to this union for so long.”

With the news still fresh, workers head back to the snow covered picket line, undaunted they will stay out till they get what they feel is a fair deal for all.

The Aurora will continue with further coverage in the days to come.


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