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Shaun Majumder excited about new season of This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Shaun Majumder performs during the 2016 The Gathering in Burlington.
Shaun Majumder performs during the 2016 The Gathering in Burlington.

BURLINGTON, NL — Shaun Majumder was recently stressed about replacing parts on a weed whacker and setting up some tables in anticipation of the 2017 The Gathering — life is going pretty good for the comedian from Burlington.  

About to enter a new season of This Hour Has 22 Minutes — his 15th or 16th season (he thinks) with the hit satirical CBC television series which combines news parody, sketch comedy and sarcastic editorials — he says he is excited about working with the shows newest addition — fellow Newfoundland and Labrador comedian Trent McClellan of Corner Brook.

“It is a really great story that he is coming on,” Majumder said.

With the U.S. presidential term of Donald Trump in full entertainment swing, the comedian and actor is looking forward to the 25th season.

“.. now that Donald Trump is in power it is a beautiful and scary thing, and we are so happy that he is in power for comedy reasons — that is about it,” he said. “If we don’t get annihilated in a nuclear holocaust, it should be a good season.”

Majumder shot a television pilot last year, he said, one that unfortunately was not picked up. He continues to put his name forward for movies and television shows, while writing and concocting his own ideas. He continues to tour the country with his stand-up comedy, often times headlining various festivals and events.

There’s never a shortage of material these days for a comedian, he says.

“My standup lately has gotten a little more edgier,” he said. “I am kind of pent up when I am 22 Minutes. I can’t say everything I want to say. So, it is like get me on stage and I am unleashed. It is nice.”

While forging ahead with his entertainment career, he is growing a tourism festival, The Gathering, and strategic business venture, ‘Ome Sweet ‘Ome, in his hometown of Burlington.

The regular gig on This Hour Has 22 Minutes is great for allowing him to keep all his irons in the fire, he says.

“It’s probably the best gig in Canada for television,” he said. “You really get to go there and be a writer, actor, a performer, host, comedian,” he said. “You get to do everything. You travel the country doing these cool road trips, you get to skewer our politicians — which we love to do.”

The Gemini-award-winning actor/comedian has starred in such television shows as Unhitched, 24, Cedricx the Entertainer Presents on Fox, Robson Arms and Da Kink in My Hair. He took his own documentary series Majumder Manor to television. His film credits include Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Ladies Man, Pushing Tin, Purpose and Bob Funk.

The entertainment industry remains hot and cold, according to Majumder. He continues to diversify his portfolio to expand the opportunities that might come his way.

“You always have plates spinning,” he said. “I always do, and I always will. That’s just never going to end.”

His time in Burlington, with his wife Shelby Feener, usually entails a lot of work preparing for The Gathering and advancing the ‘Ome Sweet ‘Ome vision, but it is time he cherishes. It wasn’t always evident he would have a life here in Newfoundland and Labrador as he pushed for a career in the entertainment industry.

“We love it here so much — just swimming in the brook and going out in boat — just love those simple Newfoundland things to do,” he said.

“It’s actually been nice. Over the last five years, we haven’t had any time to do some of the nice simple things because we were too busy making Majumder Manor or building the project. Now, we have employees and people who are running stuff. We have an incredible team on the ground here … It’s been nice for us to be able to chill out.”

Look out grass in Burlington, Majumder has time to get that weed whacker repaired.

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