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Labrador woman receives nomination for ECMA

Lucy Niles (left) and her band Partner are East Coast Music Awards nominees.
Lucy Niles (right) and her band Partner are East Coast Music Awards nominees. - Submitted

Many young musicians in Atlantic Canada are familiar with the heralded East Coast Music Awards, commonly abbreviated to the ECMAs. Very few from Labrador have been recognized for their musical contributions. This year, however, Lucy Niles has received such a nomination with her band Partner.

Niles is originally from Happy Valley-Goose Bay and is one of the two front women of Partner. The five piece rock band has been based out of Windsor, Ont. for the past year after their original formation in Sackville, N.B. Their debut album In Search of Lost Time has received glowing reviews and is responsible for their nomination for rock recording of the year.

For Niles, being from Happy Valley-Goose Bay and being a musician went hand-in-hand.

“One notable thing when I was growing up in Goose Bay is that there were a lot of bands for how small the town was. There was a while when there was a show almost every week and it was always really fun to look forward to,” said Niles.

All of the other band members are originally from Atlantic Canada and are honoured with the nomination.

“Being nominated for an ECMA is so exciting! We are all really happy and proud because we all grew up thinking the ECMAs were a big deal.” says Niles.

The nomination isn’t the only thing for the group to look forward to.

“Some experiences that have come from performing at this level include travel. I have been fortunate to travel all over the States and Canada and will soon be playing in Europe. This is one of the most exciting parts of playing in my band. Some things I am excited for coming up are the Europe trip, SXSW music festival in Texas and a few other things that haven’t been announced but are sure to be a great time!”

While the band’s sights are currently set on traveling abroad, playing closer to home is something that isn’t an impossibility as well.

“I would love to play a Goose Bay show. We just have to figure out some logistics!” said Niles.

Partner’s album is available online and their upcoming tour dates can also be found on their bandcamp website.

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