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Humans of Labrador launching this week

Wally and Muriel Andersen.
Wally and Muriel Andersen. - Submitted

A joint project between Them Days, the Tamarack Camera Club and the Labrador Institute is launching this week.

The Humans of Labrador project aims to get portraits of people from across Labrador telling their stories.

John Graham, treasurer of the camera club, said they tried to get photos from across Labrador but most are in the Lake Melville region. He said each year they do a big project and this was the one they picked for this year.

“We were looking for a project to push our skill level. Some people aren’t comfortable doing portraits and some people aren’t comfortable doing interviews. This project involved both of those elements. It follows on the Humans of New York idea, getting a portrait of somebody and doing a small write up. We didn’t follow his format exactly, a lot of the photographs are staged but some are candid as well.”

He said about a quarter of the roughly 100 photos have a writeup to go with them, since not all photographers or subjects were entirely comfortable with the idea. Part of that was where the Labrador Institute came in.

“My involvement was that I’m a folklorist so I’m used to interviewing people,” said Dr. Martha MacDonald of the Labrador Institute. “The photographers were more than happy to take the pictures but that wasn’t something they had thought of doing so I went and did some training on how to get the story. Then the camera club went out and took many portraits and I interviewed who I could.”

MacDonald said she also helped with the grant writing aspect of the project, which is what funded both the printed portraits and the online hosting of the images on the Tamarack Club’s website.

The launch event will be held Friday, May 25 at 7 p.m. in the NunatuKavut office on Kelland Drive. The exhibit can also be seen at the airport, the College of the North Atlantic, the Them Days office and online at

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