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Former P.E.I. resident creates video song parody about cellular blackout

Those searching for some positivity during last Friday’s cell service outage in Atlantic Canada might’ve come across a viral video from a former P.E.I. resident — as long as you had access to Wi-Fi.

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Keith Muise is a special needs teacher from Newfoundland and Labrador who’s now working in Fort McMurray, Alta. He also spent six years studying in this province before graduating from the University of Prince Edward Island.

After he and his family had to evacuate from Fort McMurray during last year’s wildfires, Muise began a positivity group called 80s Summer Camp in hopes of cheering people up through funny posts, videos and music.

The creation of 80s Summer Camp was actually fast-tracked when Muise lost his father-in-law to cancer three days after the fires began in Fort McMurray.

Since then, the group has been gaining followers, as evidenced by a video Muise posted on Facebook on Friday about the cellular service blackout in Atlantic Canada.

The video, posted below, also features Muise’s friend Jon Myers, and parodies Don McLean’s folk anthem “American Pie.”

As of Monday afternoon, the video has been shared from the 80s Summer Camp Facebook page nearly 6,300 times and has around 240,000 views.

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