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North West River reality show premiering October 23

“Last Stop Garage” cast members include CRB Automotive mechanic Corey Webber, general manager Stan Oliver and owner Colin Baikie.
“Last Stop Garage” cast members include CRB Automotive mechanic Corey Webber, general manager Stan Oliver and owner Colin Baikie.

NORTH WEST RIVER, NL – Many in the central Labrador area know CRB Automotive in North West River, but soon the rest of the country will too. 
The family-owned auto shop is the subject of “Last Stop Garage,” a new Discovery Network show premiering Oct. 23.
The show follows the workers of CRB as they tackle challenging and interesting projects. They don’t always have the materials or time they need to finish the work, which is what makes the show so interesting. 
Stanley Oliver, general manager of the business, said while filming had its challenges, it was a lot of fun.
“I found it really good, the bunch from Toronto were a good lot,” he said. “For us who are doers, the biggest challenge was to sit and wait. After a couple of weeks, we found our groove.”
Oliver said he was recently in Corner Brook and someone approached him about the show. While producers told him that would happen, Oliver said he thought they were “full of s**t.”
“I’ve been on TV before, back when I was deputy mayor of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but this is different,” he said. “I’ll get used to it.”
Corey Webber, another cast member and the resident “mad genius” of CRB (according to Discovery) said he’s excited about the show too, and hopes it will be good for the community.
“With a community this small that hasn’t seen a lot of change – I don’t know how it’s going to react,” he said. “It might be a positive one; it might be a negative one. Some people around here don’t like change as much as the others, but the way I look at it, is the world’s going to change no matter what.”
Webber said the way he interprets it, everyone wants to travel the world and see different places, but he personally would rather be seen by the world.

Fantastic characters
During their interview with the Labradorian, Stan and Corey exchanged many quips – part of what producers say makes the show so alluring.
“The cast is the biggest thing,” said series producer Jay Armstrong. “We have fantastic, lovable, funny characters – I don’t know if the show was always intended to be funny, but these guys are quick-witted, they’re smart, they’re just hilarious. They tackle challenging projects – they might not always have the resources or tools they need but, as Labradorians do, they figure it out. 
“Every show they come up with some pretty cool mechanical work,” he said. “There’s cool science, cool engineering, but they don’t take themselves too seriously along the way. That’s what makes the tone of the show really great.”
Armstrong said while it’s hard to know how a show will do on television, everyone who has seen “Last Stop Garage” said they have a hit on their hands. They filmed 12 episodes so far and he said the people of North West River really rolled out the red carpet.
“We’ve filmed in a lot of places, all over Canada, all over the world,” he said. “This community got behind us; anything we needed, anything we asked for, the community was there. 
“It was partly making the first show in the area but it’s also just the Labradorians. People help each other, work together. I just felt really welcomed in Labrador, through the entire production.”
The show is premiering on Discovery Canada on Monday, Oct. 23, featuring back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. ET and 9:30 p.m. ET. To see clips of the first season, visit

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