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Labrador Inuit Youth Symposium taking place in Makkovik

This year’s Labrador Inuit Youth Symposium aims to strengthen, empower, and inspire delegates to express their concerns on a wide range of topics.

The annual event, starting today, March 1 place in Makkovik and running until March 5, will gather five youth from each of the five Labrador Inuit communities and Upper Lake Melville, along with one from the Canadian Constituency. The delegates will take part in a variety of activities, including round-table discussions, a day on the land, and a concert and engagement session with 2017 Canadian Folk Music’s Aboriginal Songwriters of the Year, Twin Flames.

There will be presentations on tuberculosis and its impact on Inuit youth in the region, as well as on Nunatsiavut’s Tobacco Control Strategy. Both presentations will highlight youth champions and how they have overcome challenges on their way to leading healthier lifestyles.

Youth talent will also be on display, with the opening ceremony showcasing youth drummers and throat singers.

Delegates will be asked to discuss issues and challenges facing youth in their respective communities and to offer solutions through brainstorming sessions. All feedback will be used to develop a Nunatsiavut Youth Strategy.

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