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Happy Valley-Goose Bay woman raising funds related to son attending camp in Chicago

Camp is being held as part of Eczema Expo

HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY, N.L. — Just over two months ago Tabea Aggek learned of a camp in Chicago created specifically for children suffering from eczema and their siblings. The camp includes activities to remind children they aren’t alone in struggling with eczema and to learn about food that won’t irritate potential allergies.

This camp is part of the National Eczema Association’s Eczema Expo, from June 21-24.

Aggek, a resident of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, has a son Avery, a long-time eczema sufferer. After developing eczema at only eight months old, Avery has suffered extensively and missed a lot of school due to hospital visits.

This camp seemed like a dream to Aggek, who immediately began fundraising in hopes of covering the costs.

She initially didn’t tell nine-year-old Avery, hoping to keep it a surprise if she were able to get the money together. A month in, a scholarship was granted and Avery was delighted to learn he would be going to camp.

“Avery was really excited and ecstatic about it. I told him we were going to Chicago to the Eczema Expo,” said Aggek, an administrator at “Them Days” magazine and mother to two other children. “Avery is attending the kids camp with other kids who also has eczema who know he isn’t alone.”

While the scholarship will help with expenses, Aggek is continuing to fundraise, including accepting recycling from community members and started up a fundraising campaign on

Those interested in donating can make their donations through the online campaign at, which will close on June 21. As of June 12 she had raised $407 USD of the $750 USD goal.

Soon after the school year ends, the two will be off to Chicago.

“I think it’s important the he meet other kids with eczema” Aggek said.

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