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Happy Valley-Goose Bay Mayor wins prominent scholarship

Mayor Jamie Snook was selected as a recipient of the prestigious Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship.
Mayor Jamie Snook was selected as a recipient of the prestigious Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Mayor Jamie Snook has another feather to add to his cap. Snook was one of 15 people chosen from across the country as a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholar.

Snook, currently a PhD student at the University of Guelph studying indigenous health, was said he was cautiously optimistic about getting the honour but was surprised when he found out he was chosen

“Who knew I would make it all the way through the process. It was exciting to find out I did get through. It was nice to know that the work you are doing is seen as important to be funded. There are so few people that get through; I knew it was a long shot that I would make it through from Labrador.”

 Snooks research is specifically focused on researching relationships between public health and Indigenous co-management of fish and wildlife resources in Labrador’s Inuit communities. As the executive director of the Torngat Wildlife, Plants and Fisheries Secretariat, this is completely in line with the career path he has taken so far.

“I’ve been working with Torngat Wildlife, Plants and Fisheries Secretariat for about eight years and at the time these boards were established they were the first of their kind in Canada, where they were tri-partite funded by the federal, provincial and indigenous government,” he said. “The whole connection between fish, wildlife and land are pretty pertinent to people’s perception of health here so I’m really looking forward to it.”

He will be working with population medicine professor Sherilee Harper, who has done research in Labrador previously.

As part of the scholarship Snook will get to work with the other scholars, which he said is one of the biggest boons.

“Importantly with this particular scholarship and the foundation is the network of people you get to interact with in that community,” he said. “It gives your research a chance to get more exposure and more well-known so hopefully it will more of an impact that way.”

The amount of each scholarship varies depending on the person and their work situation but Snook said it should cover his expenses for his research, which takes a big load off his shoulders.

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