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Gander’s ‘Come From Away’ cop issues minor now famous ‘STFD’ ticket

GANDER, NL – After six-year-old Parlan Crummey was pulled over for doing donuts in his battery operated red Corvette and issued a fake ticket by Const. Oswald Fudge, his mother Natasha Ellsworth couldn’t help but state that Gander has the best municipal enforcement officers.

The story goes back more than a year when the family bought the old town enforcement car.

With Parlan being a fan of municipal enforcement, using the car, they arranged to have Fudge, who is portrayed in the Broadway hit “Come From Away” pulled over, with Parlan in his own police uniform, to issue him a ticket.

This year, the family arranged for Fudge to have his fun, as it was his turn to pull over Parlan.

But when the vehicle showed up, the six-year-old decided to make a break for it.

“I said, ‘Cops! I got to go, quick,’ floored the gas peddle and was gone … zoom,” Parlan said.

So Fudge and his partner ran the lights to pull him over. He approached the child, took out his ticket book and issued him one of his now famous ‘STFD’ tickets, which was slightly modified to “Slow the Fudge Down” for the six-year-old.

Ellsworth said the gesture was a great move in building positive relationships with youth.

“Something like this makes children feel more comfortable with officers and shows there’s a fun side to the work,” she said.

Fudge said anytime those positive relationships can be built it’s something the department is willing to try.

“That same day, in the morning, Const. (Andrea) Roberts went over the community centre, where the Boys and Girls Club were in the parking lot, so she bought them all Mr. (Freeze) freezies and showed them the car,” he said.

“We are always looking for ways to engage youth because this is where these positive connections start.”

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