Cain’s Quest comes to an end

Published on March 11, 2016

Team 22, Andrew Milley and Robert Gardner, crossed the finish line this morning to cheering crowds.

©Photo courtesy of Cain's Quest

Cain’s Quest ended this morning with Team 22 crossing the finish line just after 9 a.m. this morning. The duo is Andrew Milley of Labrador City and Robert Gardner of Mercer, Maine. They will split the $50,000 first place prize.

They were the first team to leave the last checkpoint this morning, followed by Teams 59 Nain, 67 Abel’s Revenge, 3 Where’s Bow Cycle? and 20 Postville leaving just minutes later.

Once the top three cross the finish line, the other teams will no longer be held in Esker and finish times for those teams will be adjusted accordingly.

The prize purse for Cain’s Quest 2016 totals $100,000 with the first place team receiving $50,000, the second $30,000 and the third $20,000.

Three additional teams had their Cain’s Quest journey come to an end today, leaving 18 teams in the race. Team 2 Benuens withdrew from the race due to medical earlier on the final day. Racer Sebastian Benuen rolled his sled on his approach into L’Anse Au Loup and suffered a head injury.

Team 6 CSR Racing scratched mid-morning also due to medical. Racer Gary Travers was traveling with a painful arm injury for two days but refused to throw in the towel until his partner Jamie Butt reached his hometown of Port Hope Simpson.

Team 70 Innu scratched due to mechanical reasons during their layover in North West River/Sheshatshiu.

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