Couple falls through ice at water hazard at Admiral's Green golf course

Were trying to rescue dog that ran out on ice

Published on April 16, 2017

A rescued dog sits next to its owner after the woman went through ice at a golf course water hazard to save it Sunday afternoon.

©Keith Gosse/The Telegram

A husband and wife are safe after going through the ice at one of the water hazards at Admiral’s Green golf course in Pippy Park Sunday afternoon.

An emergency worker wraps a dog in her coat as the dog's owner is treated by fellow paramedics and firefighters. The woman went through thin ice as she was trying to rescue the animal that had also gone through.
Keith Gosse/The Telegram

One of the couple’s two dogs had fallen through the ice after running out onto the hazard. The woman ventured out onto the ice to try to retrieve the animal. She also went through the ice, prompting her husband to make an effort to rescue her and the dog. He, too, went into the water.

A couple went through the ice on this water hazard at the Admiral's Green golf course during an effort to save one of their dogs that had also gone through.
Keith Gosse/The Telegram

Firefighters from St. John’s Regional Fire Department and Eastern Health paramedics responded to the park after reports came in from witnesses. By the time they arrived, and aided by a third person who also happened to be walking in the area, both the couple and their dog had made it out of the water. Paramedics wrapped the woman in a firefighter’s coat to help her warm up. She was taken by ambulance to the Health Sciences Centre where she was to be treated for possible mild hypothermia. Her husband was wet, cold, but unharmed. The dog that went through the ice was also chilly, but unharmed.