LLP honour veterans in ceremony

Published on April 15, 2017

A number of people showed up at an Act of Remembrance held by the Labrador Land Protectors on April 11 to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.


The Labrador Land Protectors held an Act of Remembrance on April 11 to commemorate the battle of Vimy Ridge and those who lost their lives there.

The event was held on Veterans Memorial Bridge and was led by Ken Mesher, who spoke during the gathering.

Denise Cole, one of the LLP who was in attendance at the event, said they felt It was important to honour the veterans who were fighting for rights and freedoms.

“Soldiers 100 years ago fought for freedoms and for rights and went to another country and took a stand as Canadians that we believe in freedom and we believe in democracy,” she said. “We’re here 100 years later, with a movement that’s come from the LLP that’s involved in the court system who very much feel they’re having to fight for their freedom and their rights. To stand up and to protect land and water and life.”

April 11 is two days after the battle of Vimy Ridge began and Cole said they chose this date for two reasons. The battle lasted two days so April 11 was the day it ended and it’s also the day 28 members of LLP were in court to face criminal charges over the Muskrat Falls protests last fall.

“We have law-abiding citizens, Labradorians, who have never broken a law in their lives,” she said. “They felt this was so important to them, to stand up against the methylmercury poisoning last fall, to stand up against Nalcor, against their own government. And to have the RCMP, who are the ones bringing these criminal charges, being the ones who are supposed to be doing the protecting. The oppressors are the ones who are supposed to protect us. What is it society is becoming? We’re supposed to be able to peacefully enjoy our lives and enjoy our food sources and enjoy our culture and our freedoms and our constitutional rights.”

She said those freedoms are being compromised for the LLP the people they would normally go to for protection they don’t feel safe being able to go to anymore.

Veterans who fought and lost their lives overseas made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, she said and what is happening with the LLP is people are making sacrifices with their freedom.