Woman alleges Joshua Chubbs offered to circumcise her son

Published on March 15, 2017

Joshua Chubbs of Carbonear, shown here performing on bagpipes during the town’s Memorial Day ceremony last year, faces multiple charges under the provincial Medical Act.

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A Carbonear woman says she was the first person to bring Joshua Chubbs’ alleged medical practices to the attention of local authorities.

Charges were laid against Chubbs, 23, on Feb. 20.

Chubbs is charged under the Medical Act of Newfoundland for engaging in medical practice without a license from June 1 to Oct. 15, 2016. He’s also accused of advertising those services from Dec. 1-16.

These charges have not been proven in court.

His first appearance is scheduled for April 12.

The woman, who requested to remain anonymous, told The Compass Chubbs had been a friend of hers for a little over two years, having met him when she moved to the area in 2014.

She says she began to receive messages from Chubbs’ Facebook Messenger account. The woman shared screenshots of them with The Compass last week.

In those messages, she said, the sender asked if she was excited to see her children after being away from them.

Then the conversation took an odd turn, she alleges, with the message,  “I know thi(s) may be an odd question, but with (her son), does he get many water infection(s) do you find?” and questions about how she cleaned her son’s private areas.

In one message, which the woman shared with The Compass, the sender wrote, “(J)ust because I am a mortician by trade don’t mean I don’t do anything els(e) . ..”

“At this point, I needed to know exactly what he was up to, so I pried a bit more; made him think I was interested,” the woman told The Compass.

She says that led to questions from the sender on whether or not her son was circumcised.

According to the woman, the person messaging her claimed to have trained in pediatric urology and claimed to have done circumcisions in the past — over 50, over the course of a few years — but never anything more than a circumcision.

She alleges that when she questioned his credentials, the person said he could show the woman in person, as he did not want to take a photo of the documents to send through Facebook Messenger.

The woman alleges the person offered a consultation meeting with her and her son as well as an examination, which could be done at either her home or his, stating he was “all about making the child comfortable.”

The conversation on a light note, asking to catch up sometime soon to “sing a few tunes.”

It was at that point she contacted local authorities.

She says they first dismissed the call as a strange joke.

She persisted however, with a second call, which led to an investigation.


‘Carbonear man accused of practicing medicine without a license’

She says she provided screenshots of the messages on her phone, and forwarded them to an officer with the Harbour Grace RCMP detachment.

The Compass reached out to Chubbs for comment but did not receive a response.