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Petition circulating to improve lighting on Hamilton River Road in Happy Valley-Goose Bay


HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY - A local man has started a petition following yet another pedestrian vehicle collision on Hamilton River Road.

Brian Davis of Happy Valley-Goose Bay said while the latest incident spurred his decision it has been on his mind for some time. Since the road is a highway, it is the responsibility of the provincial government, not the Town, which is an issue in other municipalities as well. Davis said Happy Valley-Goose Bay is unique though.

“In some towns you have several different routes that you can take through town but here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Hamilton River Road ties together the sections of town. You have no choice but to use that road.”

The handwritten petition identifies two specific areas of concern, Churchill Street and Kelland Drive, and has five requests of the province. To install traffic signal lights with pedestrian signals at those intersections, to install a pedestrian activated signal lights at the near the entrance to the Labrador Health Centre, to install increased and brighter lighting along Hamilton River Road near all intersections and crosswalks and to equip the existing traffic lights where Tenth street and Loring Drive intersect with Hamilton River Road with intersection cross-walks and pedestrian signals.

Davis said he’s hoping a grassroots movement, something coming directly from citizens, might put a little more pressure on the government. He said he’s had a very positive response and has received lots of feedback regarding other areas people would like to see more lighting. He said he wanted to keep this petition specific to Hamilton River Road though, both because it cannot be interpreted in any way other than intended and because he sees it as the biggest area of concern.

“There's obviously an issue there, what's there isn't good enough so it's about safety, it's about lives,” he said. “My understanding one of the issues is that (the Department of) Transportation and Works keep saying there's not enough traffic to warrant any further traffic lights. I'd like to get the bottom of that and see what those numbers are, is that policy, is it something that can be changed in legislation?”

He said he has had some help getting the word out, with local businesses coming on board. He hopes to get 3000 to 4000 signatures, a clear majority of the voting public. He said if anyone wants to help him get the word out they can just contact him in person or online.


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