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MUN students storm the Board of Regents meeting in St. John's

A group of 60 student protesters have stormed Gushue Hall interrupting a Board of Regents meeting at this hour.

The students somehow gained access to the closed meeting through a side door, interrupting a meeting between the board and members of student leadership groups.

A handful of MUN security guards ushered members of the board from the junior common room and into an adjoining room.

Security's attempts to contain the students to the junior common room were unsuccessful allowing the group to take over the lobby area where they continued the protest, banging on the walls and chanting loudly.

One of the protest leaders, Alex Noel, said they would stay and make attempts to keep the board from meeting.

The board was set to vote on a proposed budget that will see international and Canadian students pay more for tuition and all students pay an additional $50 fee per course campus renewal fee — $167 for graduate students —and a $50 per semester student services fee.

The proposal has changed slightly from one that caused some uproar from the student body last month.

Under the new proposal, current non-Newfoundland and Labrador students would not see an increase until after 2021. New enrolments would face the increase starting in 2018.

The plan would see international students pay an additional $1,200 per semester annually with students from elsewhere in Canada would pay $400 more per semester.

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