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Lifeboat drill incident causes injuries on Northern Ranger

['The Northern Ranger. File photo']
['The Northern Ranger. File photo']

Happy Valley-Goose Bay – A mishap occurred during a mandatory lifeboat drill aboard the Northern Ranger during its stop in Nain Wednesday resulting in one crew member being airlifted to St. John’s for medical observation, Nunatsiavut Marine (NMI) said in a news release.

Three other crew were treated at the clinic in Nain, were released and went back on board the ship.  

During the drill, the lifeboat was lowered into the water without incident, Nunatsiavut Marine said. The mishap occurred during the retrieval, when a mechanism that secures the lifeboat released, sending the bow of the boat into the water. One crew member was thrown into the water, and another suffered a cut to his head. The other two crew were shaken up, but not injured, according to the news release.

 NMI, which operates the Northern Ranger under contract to the provincial government, said it immediately reported the incident to the Coast Guard. After discussions with Coast Guard, the vessel was given clearance to continue its journey southward, to ports enroute to Goose Bay. The Northern Ranger operated on a load-and-go basis on the trip south.

The incident is under investigation by marine authorities. Nunatsiavut Marine said it is co-operating fully with the investigation. NMI said it has an experienced crew and a strong safety culture and will conduct its own review of the incident, its safety processes and procedures.

NMI also said it is offering support to the people involved in the incident.

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