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Hickey wins mayors seat in commanding victory

Photo by Megan Harris-Edwards
Photo by Megan Harris-Edwards

For some in the community it was like déjà vu on elections night. Eighteen years after his first run for the chair John Hickey is once again the mayor of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Hickey won with a commanding lead, bringing in 1393 votes to his opponents 565 and 490.

“Think it surprised a few people. It feels good; we did a good campaign, went out to the doorsteps of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and talked to the people,” he told the Labradorian. “It was my first time campaigning door to door in about 10 years so I learned lots, met some new people and learned about the community as it sits today. I’m very humbled today by the support I got from my community and my mission will be to work hard over the next four years to make our town a better place.”

He said the issues he plans to tackle right away are water and land. When he was campaigning water was the issue he heard most, he said, and is something that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Hickey is hoping to be able to set up a meeting with MP’s Yvonne Jones and Seamus O’Regan in the next 60 days to sit down and talk about 5 Wing Goose Bay and taking over the Spring Gulch water supply to supply the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The price of land was the other big issue that was on people’s minds, he said.

“Young people, one of the big issues for them is the price of land in the community. We have to create more development to give more opportunities for competition, which I hope in turn is going to bring down the price of land in the community,” Hickey said. “Right now young people are not able to afford it.”

The council election saw some familiar faces and some new ones as well, which Hickey said is a good mix. He said he’s looking forward to working with the experienced councillors and the new ones, who will bring fresh ideas to the table.

Voter turnout in the 2017 election was 48.7 per cent, roughly on par with 2013.


Happy Valley-Goose Bay election results:


John Hickey 1393

George Andrews 565

Tony Chubbs 490


Wally Anderson 1510

Bert Pomeroy 1169

Jackie Compton-Hobbs 1143

Lori Dyson 988

Shawn Crann 909

Michelle Baikie 902

Joe Tremblett 869

Wilbur Patey 868

Reg Bowers 839

Scott Hudson 838

Rupert Dawe 751

Brian Davis 647

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