Polar bears spotted near three coastal Labrador communities

Published on March 15, 2017
Polar Bears have been reported near the Labrador communities of Mary's Harbour, Red Bay and Black Tickle.
Submitted photo

The provincial government issued a polar bear warning for three communities in coastal Labrador Wednesday.

Bears have been reported near Black Tickle, Mary’s Harbour and Red Bay. Conservation officers are monitoring the animals’ movements.

Any sightings should be reported to the local forestry offices. (Port Hope Simpson at 709-960-0400, Cartwright at 709-938-7362, or the 24-hour duty officer at 709-897-7117.)

Residents are being advised to avoid encounters with polar bears where possible by being aware of surroundings, travelling in groups, avoiding fresh kills or carcasses, and storing garbage in a manner that won’t attract the animals.

If the bear is unware of your presence:

• Quietly back away and leave the area
• Attempt to stay downwind
• Keep an eye on the bear
• Never come between a bear and her cubs

If the bear is aware of your presence:
• Remain calm
• Avoid direct eye contact
• Give the bear space and a route to escape
• Leave the area by backing away, but never run
• Only speak if you must and do so calmly and firmly