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Harbour Grace woman committed crimes against family to support drug habit

Harbour Grace Provincial Court.
Harbour Grace Provincial Court.

HARBOUR GRACE, NL — After hearing the facts of her case, which involved deceiving her immediate family to support a drug habit, Adrianne Haire stood to address the court.

"It's crazy to sit here and listen to all the things I did to my family. That's not me," the 28-year-old said Tuesday in Harbour Grace Provincial Court, sobbing as she spoke. "I don't know who that person is."

Endorsing a joint submission from lawyers, Judge Paul Noble sentenced the Harbour Grace resident to 10 months house arrest. Facing a total of 23 charges stemming from a one-month period in the spring of 2016, Haire entered guilty pleas on 10 charges, including uttering forged documents, forgery, fraud, theft under $5,000, unlawfully dwelling in a house and breach of a recognizance. The Crown agreed to withdraw the remaining charges.

In March of 2016, Haire cashed four cheques valued at a total of $450 she stole from a store in Bay Roberts her mother owned at the time. She stole other items from her mother too during this period, including cash. There were other cheques belonging to her mother she made payable to herself and a man totaling $560, some of which she later attempted to cash herself.

During the same month, Haire attempted to cash a cheque made out to her sister for $450 at Carbonear Foodland, producing her sister's MCP and social insurance cards. The store determined after making an inquiry that her sister had already used the cheque.

Crown prosecutor Paul Thistle acknowledged these crimes could have resulted in a stiffer sentence for Haire, who has a short criminal record also linked to the spring of 2016. However, he noted too her prospect for rehabilitation is strong, adding the crimes committed were against family and not the general public.

Haire had a prescription for methadone to treat her drug addiction, but relapsed prior to committing the crimes. The court was told she's been back on methadone since last July. Thistle also pointed out she's received counseling and has strong family support.

Speaking before the judge, Haire said her world is a lot better these days and that she's building a life free of all the trouble that plagued her in the spring of 2016.

"I'm really sorry for all these things I did to my family and everyone else," she said.

In accepting the joint submission, Noble highlighted aspects of the pre-sentencing report he found to be encouraging. He noted in cases where drug addiction is a factor, family is not always there to help. Thus he was happy to see hers was there to offer support.

Noble also said Haire will need to continue to seek help to control her addiction.

"This is something you must come to terms with on a daily basis," the judge said Tuesday.

Haire will serve a conditional sentence at home from now until Feb. 1, 2018 with one hour a day permitted for exercise and three hours on Fridays for errands. Then From Feb. 2 to the end of her sentence, Haire must comply with a curfew from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily. She has 30 days to pay a victim-fine surcharge of $1,000. She's also sentenced to 18 months probation to be served upon her release.

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