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Two Happy Valley-Goose Bay teens win big in national pageant

HAPPY VALLEY - GOOSE BAY - Two teens from Happy Valley-Goose Bay brought home national titles when they competed in the Miss Teen Canada Globe Pageant in Toronto in August.

Victoria Burden was named Miss Teen Canada Charity 2017 and was given the regional title of Miss Teen Atlantic Canada Globe 2017.

Tamara Anthony was given the regional title of Miss Teen NL Globe 2017 and was also crowned Miss Teen Petite third princess of Canada.

Miss Teen Canada Globe is part of the Miss Canada Globe Productions.

As Miss Teen Canada Charity, Victoria will be competing at an international pageant in the Dominican Republic in 2018.

Tamara’s national recognition also gives her an opportunity to compete in an international pageant in the Dominican Republic next year.

Victoria said she really enjoyed the pageant and meeting the other contestants.

The training the contestants received, she said, included everything from hair and make-up sessions to learning how to respond to questions to self-confidence training.

Winning a national title came as a complete surprise, she said.

“I will be making a certain number of appearances in town and I’ll be recruiting girls for the pageant. I’ve a lot of work to do to prepare for internationals,” Victoria said.

While she’s delighted to be moving on to the internationals, Victoria said the national pageant was also an experience she won’t soon forget.

“There were lots of activities for us. You meet so many people. It’s such a great experience,” she said.

Victoria’s mother Anna March Burden said she’d like to thank Miss Canada Globe Productions for the opportunity provided to her daughter and other young women.

The pageant gave Victoria the opportunity to meet other young ladies from across the country, she said.

“Together they built confidence and self esteem. (Victoria) has made bonds that will stick for the rest of her life. Being an Honorary National Title holder will bring her together with a lot of these girls for the next three years. Amazing opportunity.”

Tamara is also delighted with how well she did at the pageant.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to do it with having zero experience,” she said.

The pageant was a great opportunity to meet new friends, she said, and she enjoyed the experience a great deal.

“All the girls I’ve met in those two weeks, we created such a huge support system. I made some lifelong friends,” Tamara said.

Six teens from Labrador competed in the Miss Teen Canada Globe pageant. All participants receive regional titles.

Laila Andrew of Sheshatshiu said competing in the pageant was an amazing experience.

Proud of her Innu culture, Laila speaks Innu-Aimun and she is involved with community events including community gatherings.

“We did training for interviews and platforms and for walking, and confidence training... I got to meet a lot of people. I made a lot of friends. There were other girls there from other reserves also,” Laila said.


Victoria Burden, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Tamara Anthony, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Petapen Rich Hurley, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Chenille Rich, Natuashish

Laila Andrew, Sheshatshiu

Ketiana Mark, Sheshatshiu

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