Scottish woman investigating her Duntara heritage – while honeymooning

Published on March 22, 2017

Fiona Bett and partner Sandy Brodie will be honeymooning in Canada this May, and hope to explore Bett’s Newfoundland heritage.

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A Scottish woman will be exploring her Newfoundland roots while honeymooning in Canada this coming May.

Were really looking forward to coming, said Fiona Bett, who will be honeymooning with her partner Sandy Brodie.

Neither Fiona Bett or fiancé Sandy Brodie have ever visited Newfoundland before.

But Betts lineage has its roots in our soil – her grandfather, James Leo Power, was originally from Duntara.  During the Second World War, he was stationed in Scotland in 1939, when he was 19 years old.  There, he meet his wife, married, and raised a family.

But Bett believes that her grandfather may have siblings and even cousins still living in Bonavista Bay.

I just want to see where my granddad came from.  And my partner, he said, Do you want to try and find any relations or relatives that are still there?’” Bett explained.

The couple, who will marry on April 21, will arrive in Toronto, May 1.  They will then fly into St. Johns on May 5, and head back to Toronto, May 8.

I just couldnt come all the over and be there, so close, and not visit, said Bett.

The couple have been researching Betts heritage, and compare it to putting together a puzzle.  Each clue is important, and each piece makes the whole clearer.

Trying to piece it all together is quite tricky, its quite difficult. But were getting there.

"Just to find the pieces, to see the place where you came from.  Its part of me, isnt it?

If you have any clues or missing pieces of the puzzle that might help Fiona find her relatives, email and the information will be passed on to her.