Springdale foundation turns local Dominican effort to vitamin collection

Published on March 20, 2017

Kay Clarke, left, and Sherry Clarke pose with a group of children in the Dominican Republic.

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Springdale, NL — Physically and emotionally the people of the Dominican Republic the United for Kids Foundation assists came through some tumultuous weather unscathed, but there are still some major medical concerns in that part of the country.

That is the impression of Springdale’s Sherry Clarke, who founded the organization with her husband Roy, following a recent visit to the country.

Gifts from abroad always put smiles on the faces of the children.
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However, the most important immediate need is to improve the everyday health of youth in the area. She said the message from doctors was they need vitamins and other things to improve their health. 

“Even though we talk about it all the time, the need for vitamins was made real this time,” Clarke said. “It was always the first thing the doctors brought up, how poor health the kids are in.” 

The message provides a renewed drive to deliver a longer supply of vitamins. That will become a point of emphasis for local fundraising and donations, she said. Vitamins can be dropped off at Lawton’s Drug Store or the library in Springdale.

Beforehand, she was concerned about the state of the areas four schools after some devastating rainstorms. However, despite the damages, she said most of the children faired well. 

“That was good to see,” Clarke said. 

Delivering the schools supplies, clothing and other gifts collected locally was as thrilling and satisfying as ever for Clarke and her sister in-law Kay Clarke. Being a full year since the last visit, she noticed quite a difference in the growth and maturity of the children. 

Many of the children now becoming teenagers, she said needs have changed to things like sanitary products such as deodorants and shampoo. It also changed activities they like to do with them, having to add more mature aspects.