TV show being filmed in North West River

Unscripted series will focus around CRB Automotive

Published on February 7, 2017

Last Stop Garage is an unscripted show that will take place in North West River. The show is in pre-production and is slated to start filming in March. The cast includes (from left) Amy Parsons, Ross Humby, Collin Baikie, Stanley Oliver, Corey Webber, Leander Baikie and Kyle Powell.


What seems like everyday life in Labrador can seem quite interesting and exotic to others.

Now all of North America will have the chance to see for themselves. Last Stop Garage is an unscripted television show being filmed in North West River, revolving around CRB Automotive and the challenges they deal with on a daily basis as the only repair shop in town.

 Jay Armstrong, the series producer, said the idea came about when a colleague of his was flying over Labrador.

“There was this vast wilderness and he wondered ‘who lives there? What are their lives like?’” Armstrong told TC in an interview on Feb. 7. “People have been filming in the Yukon, the Klondike and other parts of the north but here was this place with these amazing people and landscape and we wanted to show that to people.”

He said the resiliency and the ingenuity of people living in Labrador is something that is really special. He’s also fairly certain that a television show has never been filmed in Labrador before, outside of documentaries.

“This is a great chance to show something a lot of people haven’t seen,” he said. “But it’s really all about the people. ”

Armstrong said the show is pitched as having a comedic bent because the people that work there are just so smart, funny and interesting on their own.

Each episode of the show will revolve around a job the shop has to complete.

“They have to fix anything that comes through their door, whether it be a snowmobile, a car or whatever,” he said. “They might not have the right parts or have ever fixed one before but they always get it done.”

The subject matter of the show, the characters, the resourcefulness, and the vast wilderness of Labrador will draw in an audience across Canada and the United States, Armstrong said.

They are currently looking for people who have an interesting mechanical project they need completed to be featured on the show.

"It could be a build like a unique or custom vehicle, an unusual repair job, a rescue/restoration, or even a project like moving a house," Armstrong said.

The show will be shown on the Discovery network in Canada and on the Discovery Network owned auto themed network Velocity in the United States. It is expected to air in the fall of 2017.