Sheshatshiu girl competing in national pageant

Published on February 28, 2017

16-year-old Laila Andrew of Sheshatshiu will be one of three girls from the area heading to Toronto in August to compete in the Miss Teen Canada Globe pageant.


Laila Andrew of Sheshatshiu will be heading to Toronto in August to compete in the Miss Teen Canada Globe pageant. The 16-year-old won’t be alone when representing teenagers from the Big Land.

Victoria Burden and Tamara Anthony, both of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, have also been accepted as contestants.

Each teen will bring unique character traits and beliefs to the stage.

A Grade Eleven student at Sheshatshiu Innu School, Laila said entered the pageant after hearing about it from other teens.

“After I sent in my application I did a phone interview (with pageant representatives)” Laila said during a recent phone interview.

What beauty meant to her was one of the questions she was asked, she said.

“I said, beauty is about personality,” Laila said.

Laila has much to offer as a contestant. She is proud of her Innu heritage. It’s important to her that the Innu way of life be preserved as much as possible.

“I love the Innu traditions, the clothing, the food – caribou and other wild food.”

“And I love living in Sheshatshiu surrounded by family,” she said.

Laila said her parents Janice Andrew and David Montague are supportive of her efforts to enter the pageant.

In terms of her Innu roots, Laila said, preserving the Innu language is also important to her.

“I speak Innu also,” she said.

Laila enjoys playing volleyball and other school sports.

When asked if she has a role model, Laila said, her outlook on life is to try to be the best that you can be.

Her teachers know she is in the pageant, she said, and have offered her encouragement.

Miss Teen Canada Globe 2017 is part of the Miss Canada Globe Productions.

Laila has set up a Facebook page (Laila Andrew for Miss Teen Canada 2017) to keep people posted about the pageant and to let them know about fundraising activities she’ll be having to help offset the cost of the trip.

“I’m hoping to get some sponsors,” she said.

Laila’s hope in entering the pageant is to let other teens in her community know the importance of setting and attaining goals.

“I want to give them confidence that anything is possible,” she said.