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Dear Editor,

An open letter to VOCM

To the powers that be at VOCM and its owners/affiliates.

For several years I have listened to your call in shows, and quite often I was a caller to those shows. Back then it was usually Linda Swain or Cheryl, sometimes Bill was on. When I would call in we quite often discussed some very controversial issues; health care in Labrador, who owns Labrador, who should make decisions for Labrador, Aboriginal Rights, and of course Kidney Dialysis and health care for Labrador residents.

The conversations between these hosts and myself could get quite exciting at times but I have to say that I do not recall us ever coming down to someone being so racist or opinionated as Randy Simms. And while I often felt that some of the moderators had an agenda other than just being a moderator, they did manage to moderate as a professional ought.

Randy Simms has a nickname up here, “Redneck Randy” and he had it BEFORE the recent racist meltdown and hate comments. Randy should know, as a professional broadcaster that he is not on a personal call at his own home, he cannot use foul language (if we do we are deleted or cut off) and certainly one would not expect racist commentary from someone in such an important position as a radio talk show host.

I urge you, for the integrity of broadcasting, and to show that your station does not and will not stand for racist, biased commentary, replace Randy Simms as a moderator, and put someone in there who does not have predetermined views of race, rights, environment and all other topics that come to the phone lines of the station. This is 2013, not 1953. We don’t need redneckism or racism, but we do need professionalism and we expect nothing less and nor should we.

Kirk Lethbridge,

former caller

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Geographic location: Labrador

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Recent comments

  • Roxanne Brown
    February 19, 2013 - 16:56

    Well said . I stopped listening to the "Randy Show" a long time ago ... always seemed to be his way or no way , whatever the topic.