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Dear Editor,

I have been hearing a lot on the “Idle no More “movement throughout Canada, not really following what are the grassroots of it all. I believe Idle no More may be more based on first nations standing up for their rights, with a trickle effect leading the Inuit to jump on board to remind the Federal government of our indigenous rights and freedoms and bring those to the forefront. More or less stating that they/we should not sit down any longer and put up with the economic and social inequality we have experienced for too long.

Not individually, but ethnically, we have put up with the cultural indifference and have not really done anything about it, leading to the phrase, “Silent Inuit.” Socially, there is a lot of truth to this phrase, when you look at the Labrador Inuit in comparison to the First Nations groups of Labrador.

What I am trying to say is, as Inuit, we need to start standing up for ourselves as a group and stop bickering and complaining about things. They are just mumbles in the wind. Let’s stand up and start confronting and waking up our own government leaders.

Come on, we put you into those soft comfortable seats, now stand with us and work as a people to see what the grassroots needs are of your members (locally or throughout other regions of Labrador).

Each area has its own concerns, whether it is housing, education and employment,  or lack thereof.

One suggestion is to start by asking the leaders of each aboriginal group to get up off of those sweet lazy chairs and start looking at the numbers of people now working at Muskrat Falls and scrutinize or monitor what the ratio is for Labradorian vs Non-Labradorian employees.

If any of you who have read this or heard of what I have wrote are offended by my words, which refer to the soft seats that you were elected or appointed to, don’t take offence. They are just generalized direction to the leaders of each aboriginal group to work together as officials, not excluding your community when making decisions. Nothing directed to any one particular leader.

Sam Ford

Organizations: Dear Editor, First Nations

Geographic location: Labrador, Canada

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