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Four-year old cuts her ‘Rapunzel’ hair to help children in need

Payton Rose, 4, of Happy Valley-Goose Bay was all smiles as she held up her 12-inch ponytail that she donated to A Child’s Voice Foundation: Angel Hair for Kids, a program that provides wigs for financially disadvantaged children who have lost their hair to medical treatments or other reasons.

Payton Rose of Happy Valley-Goose Bay recently proved that you’re never too young to help other children in need.

One Jan. 2nd, the four-year old Happy Valley-Goose Bay girl had 12-inches of her 18-inches of hair chopped off to donate to Angel Hair for Kids, a program of A Child’s Voice Foundation that provides wigs and hair loss solutions to financially disadvantaged children in Canada who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment.

She decided she wanted to cut her hair while on Christmas holidays with her family on the island.

Anyone who knows Payton knows that her hair was important to her, as she loves Disney princess characters and their oft-times flowing locks.

“Her hair was about 18 inches; she wanted to grow it out like ‘Rapunzel,’” smiled her mom, Kylie.

She said Payton recently decided to cut her hair, after seeing a few of her friends with new, shorter ‘dos.

“She agreed to wait until after the Christmas holidays so we made an appointment while in Corner Brook the first week of January,” noted Kylie.

Because of the sheer length of her daughter’s hair, Kylie decided to do some research into organizations that provide wigs and hair pieces for children.

“I knew we would have about enough to meet the minimum length requirements, so I researched (the Angel Hair for Kids) donation program through the Canadian Cancer Society and found she could either donate eight inches to the adult program or donate 12 inches to the children’s program,” said Kylie.

“I explained to her that some children have to take medicine that makes them lose their hair and with her hair, they could get a wig made. She was very excited about the idea of giving another little girl new hair.”

On Jan. 2nd, mom and daughter went to a salon in Corner Brook, where Payton got a professional wash (“”That was her favourite part!” said Kylie), and had her hair secured into a ponytail before being cut off.

Kylie said she did not know how Payton would react when she actually saw her hair was cut.

“She exclaimed with a big smile — while holding the cut ponytail — “It’s just what I wanted!” laughed Kylie, noting Payton — when told about the Angel Hair program — took it to mean she could wear her Disney ‘Ariel’ wig everyday after getting her hair chopped.

At the present time, Kylie said Payton has no plans to grow her hair super long anytime soon, as she is enjoying the shorter style.

“She announces to everyone she meets that she had her hair cut, and is constantly looking in mirrors and is on the lookout for new hair clips,” said Kylie.


Donating hair

According to the A Child’s Voice Foundation website (, using hair that is generously donated to the program, the foundation can create wigs and hair systems and provide them at no cost to the child’s family.

“It takes 10-12 donated ponytails to make one hair prosthesis and $800 to $1000 is budgeted by the foundation to cover manufacturing and related costs,” states the site.

Interested in donating your hair to Angel Hair For Kids? Please follow the Angel Hair For Kids hair donation guidelines listed below:

The minimal hair donation length is 12 inches measured tip to tip;Hair can be placed in a braid or ponytail;Tightly secure the braid or ponytail using rubber bands or hair elastics;No permed, bleached, dyed, or treated hair is acceptable;Cut above the rubber band or hair elastic, not below;Slightly grey hair is acceptable.Please ensure hair is fully dry when cut. Wet hair cannot be used.Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid;Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 12 inches;Hair swept off the floor is not useable;Hair that is shaved off and is not in a ponytail or braid is not usable. Please divide your hair into multiple ponytails and cut each one off before continuing to shave; andDreadlocks, wigs, falls, hair extensions, or synthetic hair is not acceptable.

Mailing Instructions:

1.    Place your hair donation inside a plastic bag or wrapped in tissue paper and place the hair donation bag within a mailing envelope;

2.    Print a copy of our hair donation form hair donation form and fill out the necessary information, or write the hair donor’s full name and return address inside the envelope in order to receive an Angel Hair For Kids Certificate of Appreciation;

3.    We kindly request hair donors include a toonie as a donation to A Child’s Voice Foundation and its programs;

4.    Please address the mailing envelope to:

A Child’s Voice Foundation, C/O Angel Hair For Kids

3034 Palstan Road

Suite 301 Mississauga, Ontario

L4Y 2Z6


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