Police to crack down on illegal parking

Jenny McCarthy
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Parking is becoming an issue in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and not because there are a lack of parking spaces.

Illegal parking is becoming an issue in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Accessible parking spaces, like this one at the Labrador Health Centre, are for permit holders only.

Cst. Sampson said parking in general is generating complaints around town. In some cases illegal parking is creating dangerous situations.

At the two town post offices—Station B (in the valley) and Station C (uptown), there are designated parking spaces for customers to the side of both buildings that many people have not been using.

Harold Larkham works at the Station C Post Office. He said he sees the way people pull too close to the roadside.

“There is going to be an accident one of these days,” he said.

There have already been a few fender benders in the area.

Mr. Larkham said the danger of how people are parking is the reason there were parking spaces added to the back of the building along with the spaces on the side.

At either post office, it is not uncommon to see the side spaces empty or with one vehicle while three to four vehicles sit in front of the building, including right by the roadside.

Cst. Sampson said this is a big problem.

“People leaving the parking lot need to be able to see what is coming,” Cst. Sampson said.

There are signs in front of the C building that ask people not to park or stop but none so far at the B building. Nevertheless, Cst. Samson said people are still required to park in the designated areas.

“We ask the general public to park safely,” he said.

Cst. Sampson said drivers should be aware of this safety issue.

The RCMP and town constable have also been receiving an especially large number of complaints in recent weeks regarding parking in spaces designated for people with disabilities.

“We always get complaints about it but it has been happening more than normal lately,” he said.

Community Constable Cliff Sampson said this is another parking issue that the RCMP is currently dealing with. Parking at the hospital has generated the most complaints. The hospital has a designated permit-only parking area outside of the Emergency entrance as well as outside of the outpatient entrance.

Cst. Sampson said the RCMP would be stepping up patrols at the hospital and businesses and any buildings with these marked parking spaces. He said anyone found to be parking illegally would be ticketed.

The problem is not only those without permits. People driving a vehicle with a permit sticker cannot park in the permit area unless the person who owns the permit is in the vehicle.

“The permit is issued to the person and not the vehicle,” he said.

Expired permits are also not valid and must be renewed to avoid fines.

It is also illegal to park within two metres of a ramp at any building.

For now he said her and his fellow officers would be on the lookout for anyone failing to abide by the rules and the displayed signs.





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