What if Danny ran?

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Dear Editor:The Conservative Party of Canada is stuck in a stalemate, 30% popularity and no hope for a Majority government while Harper is at the helm. What will get them over that Minority Government hump?What if Danny Williams ran for the Conservatives? What if Harper guaranteed him a Cabinet position and a crack at being Prime Minister when he leaves office?

With Danny running, the entire country would probably vote Conservative, considering his popularity across the nation, with the exception of Quebec. Quebec supports the Bloc and Liberal's anyway so those few seats won't matter for a majority to be won.

Perhaps that is why Fabian Manning was contemplating leaving the Senate for Federal Politics. Maybe Harper has conceded that the only way to capture the Liberal, NDP, and Green Party seats is to play on the hearts of dislocated Newfoundlanders and other "Williams Fans" in an attempt to move the Conservative platform of Social Injustice forward.

What would Danny get out of it? Firstly, he would have a crack at eventually becoming Prime Minister. Second, a chance to collect his pay for his work, there would be no need to put his salary into the Williams Family Foundation. An opportunity to sell his ideas on how to run the country would be another bonus. Finally, get Ottawa to side with Newfoundland on the Churchill Falls projects.

At 61, with health problems, Williams can achieve this lofty level of power without even campaigning. His name alone will get him elected. Harper knows this. Ontario, with many transplanted Newfoundlanders residing there, would probably go totally BLUE. The Maritimes as well as Newfoundland would jump for a glass of Blue KoolAid. The West, well, that's a Conservative given. So, should Danny throw his hat in the ring if a Federal Election is called this Fall? I think that decision has already been made.

Robin Brentnall

Gambo, NL 709-571-0034

Organizations: Green Party, Williams Family Foundation

Geographic location: Quebec, Newfoundland, Ottawa Ontario

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