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Derek Montague
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Tanya Baikie, Jill Moores, and Maegan Rowe, are enjoying the surprise success of their romance novel Wilde Ride.

School Teacher Ella Scott, fresh out of university, moves to Del Mar California to start a new life. She ends up in the arms of Ryder Wilde, a bar owner and president of a local motorcycle club. Ella and Ryder both have tragedy and complications in their lives. When the two come together, sparks begin to fly.

That's the plot of a steamy romance novel, called Wilde ride, which was recently published, as an eBook, by three Happy Valley-Goose Bay women, under the pseudonym Maegan Lynn Moores.

The authors, Jillian Moores, Tanya Baikie, and Maegan Rowe, had been getting together once a week for coffee. The three friends would often discuss good books that they have read. One time, they joked about potentially writing their own book together.

"A couple weeks later, Jill emailed me the first couple of chapters," says Tanya Baikie. "Then I added, and Maegan added. It just snowballed from there."

Wilde Ride isn't meant for everyone. Specifically, it's not meant for people under the age of 18, since it contains sexual scenes and graphic language. Because of the book's content, it was sometimes awkward for the ladies when they presented their writing for friends and family.

"I remember when we were writing one of the good scenes, we were at Maegan's, and we were reading it to each other, just checking everything out, and her parents walked through the door...everything got real quiet," recalls Moores with a laugh.

Although the book was written as something fun to do between friends, the women still put a part of themselves into the book, especially while coming up with the main character, Ella.

"I find that. With Ella, a lot of her characteristics are some of ours," says Baikie. "She's kind of quirky, a lot of people would find her annoying. But we love her...she's funny, she gets stronger throughout the book. She's a little innocent at first."

One could imagine the writing sessions being difficult, with three different minds having creative input. But all three say they were able to work out any creative differences easily without any drama. The only challenge was trying to make the story flow smoothly, with three different writing styles.

"We all have very different writing styles, we had to find an editor that could make it flow so that you couldn't really tell the difference," says Maegan Rowe.

Once everything was compiled and edited, it was time for the three women to make their book available to the public. They decided to publish the book themselves online, opting out of making printed copies.

"The costs are a lot greater for actually printing the book, as opposed to the eBook, where costs are pretty low," says Rowe

On Dec. 20, 2012, Wilde Ride was uploaded to smashwords.com. Later it was uploaded to amazon.com. There were no upfront costs for uploading the book, but the sites take a cut of each sale (smashwords.com takes 20% and Amazon takes 30%).

The ladies weren't expecting much in terms of book sales, outside of family and friends purchasing a download. They have been pleasantly surprised by the results. So far, they have sold more than 3000 copies.

The authors believe the success of the book is due, in large part, to the website goodreads.com, a website where people share their favourite books and make recommendations.

"I chalk it up to goodreads.com, because a lot of books that we read that of that same kind of genre are on there. Once we put our book up we added it to a couple lists with the same sort of book," says Rowe.

The success of Wilde Ride has encouraged the authors to forge ahead with a series. They currently have three more books planned. The next one will focus on the relationship of two secondary characters in Wilde Ride. They plan to publish it online later this year.

"The two main characters in this book, won't be the main two characters in the next book...there's two characters mentioned briefly in the first book, so it's their love story," says Baikie. "It's going to be a lot deeper I think."

Anybody who would like more information on Wilde Ride can search Maegan Lynn Moores on facebook.


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Recent comments

  • julie hillier
    February 05, 2013 - 10:24

    I was one of the few chosen too read Wilde Ride before it was published and I have to say it was a hard book to put down. Awsome job ladies. So proud of you.

  • Pam Clark
    February 05, 2013 - 08:14

    I've read their book and thought they did a great job. What an awesome ride for these best friends! I can't wait for the next one!