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Stanley Oliver
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Stan's Stance

Every year thousands of Newfoundland and Labrador citizens donate money to charitable and not-for-profit organizations throughout the province and in their perspective communities.

Stats Canada is proud to inform the public via their web page (which by the way, I found extremely interesting as a fact) that people who volunteer also tend to donate more to organizations.

Further, upon a little more digging and research, I was particularly pleased and proud to find out that - comparatively speaking - if you compare population numbers by Census Canada of 2011, of approximately 27,727 for the Labrador portion of our province to the average household income for the majority of communities are reportedly lower.

But despite this fact the people of Labrador should be proud, as they continue to step up to the plate and support the many causes. During the week of March16-21, we again saw how Labrador people and businesses supported a great initiative to enhance the quality of life for people living with cancer.

On March 19-20, two very important events and press conferences took place in Labrador West and Happy Valley-Goose Bay on the respective dates. The event was a great announcement for the people of Labrador. As I am sure I don't have to tell many of the people reading this, that one of the biggest challenges of living here is the cost to travel to avail of services (including medical specialist) when informed of some medical unfortunate news?

When individuals and families are struck with the news of cancer, the shock of the news has a significant impact. This is further complicated by having to travel out of the region to receive cancer treatment and pay for numerous trips, accommodations and other expenses. Thank goodness, the people of our communities, many times come together to raise money to help this regard.

To help alleviate with this burden, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) announced a new program to provide funding to Hope Air to assist with flights for cancer patients in Labrador. There are many people who helped lobby and advocate for this program but in my view we should thank all of Labrador. Again we can hold our heads up high and stand tall.

The Canadian Cancer Society through this collaboration for the 2014 year will allocate $60,000 to launch this new program for cancer patients in Labrador who have to travel outside the region for cancer care.

This initiative was made possible through the generosity of the business community, organizations and individuals from Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Wabush/Town of Labrador City. The Cancer Society will work in collaboration with Hope Air (a national charity that provides flights to people for medical purposes).

What makes this program unique, that it specifically established and designed for cancer patients of Labrador. As cancer patients often have to incur out of pocket expenses above and beyond any assistance provided by government, which in many cases they simply can't afford said.

This will not solve all the challenges but it will "I am sure" go a long way in helping enhancing already existing programs.

This is a good thing! Conquering cancer can be a long and difficult journey, but travelling to treatments shouldn't have to be. The Canadian Cancer Society and Hope Air are to be commended for this initiative/collaboration in providing this much needed services. If you or a family member need to travel to a medical appointment in connection with cancer I encourage you apply for this program.

You can request a flight for yourself or a family member on line at www.hopeair.ca by filling out a Flight Request Form or call toll free 1-877-346-4673 and visit their face book site at facebook.com/hopeair.

You should also check out the others services available through the Canadian Cancer Society by checking out their web site at www.cancer.ca or phone their toll free number at 1-888-753-6520. Again I would say a big sincere thank you to all for their generosity for making this program a huge success.

Organizations: Canadian Cancer Society

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Happy Valley Goose Bay

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